PUM Criteria

PUM provides direct support to individual companies and institutes in developing countries and emerging markets. By doing so, we create and enable an environment that allows the private sector to flourish, resulting in sustainable economic development, creation of employment and reduction of poverty.


To make sure that companies apply in the right stage of their development, that no market disturbance occurs and that OECD-guidelines are followed, we work with a set up criteria that need to be met by applying companies. These can be found below:

  1. The company is privately owned (state-owned enterprises cannot apply).
  2. Over 50% of ownership of the company is in local hands
  3. The company needs to be operational for at least two years.
  4. The company has between 10 and 250 employees.
  5. Both the annual turnover and the balance sheet total should not exceed 10 million euros. The company is financially stable but has inadequate funds to afford (source) professional expertise from (external) commercial consultants or no local consultants are available. When the company is part of a holding or a group of companies these criteria are applicable to the holding or group.
  6. The owner/entrepreneur must show enough commitment to be fully involved during the entire PUM project. This includes commitment during the expert visit(s), contact with the expert afterwards and the consecutive implementation of recommendations. Moreover, the owner/entrepreneur should be prepared to share data with PUM that is needed to measure the effectiveness of a mission.
  7. The application form has to be filled in completely; special attention has to be given to the issue or problem that the PUM expert has to look into.
  8. Organizations that are not SMEs (business support organisations, Chambers of Commerce etc.) can apply, but only if they have an enabling role for the private sector.
  9. The company does not support child labour or forced labour, neither does it operate in either of the following sectors:
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Radioactive materials
  • Gambling and casinos
  • Pornography and prostitution
  • Racist and anti-democratic media