About PUM

PUM is a non-profit organization established in 1978 by the Dutch employers’ federation VNO-NCW, with financial support from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1978 they have assisted over 40,000 organizations world-wide.


PUM Goal
PUM aims to provide technical assistance and consultancy expertise in different economic fields and sectors through delegating qualified experts, out of 1500 Dutch experts from different fields, to provide assistance and fulfill the needs of Jordanian companies. It is worth mentioning that this assistance is provided free of charge.


PUM People

  • More than 150 representatives 
  • 30 countries around the world
  • 1500 senior experts - all volunteers - are willing to share their knowledge and expertise


Applicant Costs
The program will bear the travel expenses, experts’ compensations and life insurance throughout their mission to Jordan. While local costs (accommodations, internal transportation, meals) will be the responsibility of the Jordanian Company.


Who can benefit?

  • Private sector small and medium size enterprises. 
  • Jordanian owned companies. 
  • Economically active companies. 
  • Incapable of inviting foreign experts.


Follow up Process 
Companies and institutions with successful projects can further benefit from the program for second time, but they will pay 1000 Euro as a financial contribution to PUM.

Budget Allocated for JEBA: 40 projects per year

Number of PUM implemented projects (2002- present): around 350 projects.

How does PUM work?

  • An expert will work with you and leave practical recommendations for you to follow up
  • If necessary, you can request for the expert (or another expert) to visit you again…
  • First advisory mission takes on average two weeks
  • The expert may support you remotely with the implementation of the recommendations
  • If applicable you can come on a business link visit to the Netherlands

Application mechanism
To apply for technical assistance, submit your application– once it meets the required criteria, the program will send the approval and the CV of the specialized expert to the applying company for approval. Finally, PUM will be notified in preparation to send the expert to Jordan.


For online registration, visit PUM offcial website at: 


For further information, please contact us at: 
Jordan Europe Business Association / JEBA

PUM Local Representative / Mr. Ayman M.Qaffaf 
Tel.:  +962 6 5667447
Fax:  +962 6 5660988
Mobile:  +962  7 696 6798
Email:  info@jeba.org.jo