Remote Coaching Program

Remote Coaching offers the opportunity to tap into the knowledge of our 2,000 senior experts by using online communication channels.
Together with the expert a plan of action will be developed. The trajectory of Remote Coaching will last for a period of 2-6 weeks.
There are several options of online tools that you can use to organize Remote Coaching.
PUM will assist you where needed.

Why Remote Coaching?
• Through a Remote Coaching trajectory you can receive coaching over a longer period of time
• The time between applying for advice and the start of your coaching can be short
• Remote Coaching is a flexible instrument
• Remote Coaching is cost efficient
• Remote Coaching is environment friendly

When to use Remote coaching?
• Before an advisory mission on the ground takes place
• As a follow-up to an advisory mission on the ground
• When client and expert specifically choose for this type of coaching
• If it is not possible to organize a mission on the ground

How can your company benefit?
Your company is a SME and you cannot afford a commercial consultant, but you do want to solve your problems and grow your business. This is where PUM can assist.

• You have been in business for at least 2 years
• Your number of staff is between 10 and 250
• Over 50% of ownership of your company is in local hands
• You are available during the agreed period and committed to the action plan
• Please visit our website for all criteria

How to apply?
Are you interested in Remote Coaching? Please contact us and we are happy to explore the options. Please visit our website to apply.
Contact our representative in your country for guidance on the application process.

Ayman Qaffaf
General Manager / Jordan Europe Business Association (JEBA)
PUM Local Representative in Jordan
Tel: +962 6 5667447
Fax: +962 6 5660988
Mobile: +962 796966798