Most Beautiful Places In Jordan

Posted by Daniel Stewart

The most beautiful places in Jordan are situated along the shores of the Jordan River. Jordan, an Arab country on the south bank of the Jordan River, defines itself by stunning nature trails, ancient ruins, desert beaches, and luxurious resort hotels. It is home to the renowned archaeological site of Petra, which is known for its statues, tombs, and monumental buildings carved into the white sandy cliffs. This archaeological site, located in southwestern Jordan, attracts tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the most beautiful and popular tourist attractions in Jordan:

Jbel Toubkal: A scenic reserve located in the center of Jordan, Jbel Toubkal Reserve is a unique oasis with its scenic oasis surroundings and shady, lush vegetation. Here, you will discover the beautiful and mysterious oases of Jordan’s Central Desert, lush oases surrounded by dramatic landscapes of rocky outcrops, plateaus, and lagoons. Alongside, you will come across desert landscapes, palm trees, and rugged terrains. The reserve has many most beautiful places to see, visit, and explore.

Wadi Dhar: Located in northern Jordan, Wadi Dhar is a small fishing community on the west side of the river. The community is home to many ancient archaeological sites. Among the most prominent sites found here are the King David Temple, King Faisal mosque, Uzza, and M’Hamid Qaboosids. Tourist also take advantage of Wadi Dhar’s sandy beaches to sunbathe, relax, or just enjoy a day on the beach.

Madaba and Wadi Dhar: Located on opposite sides of Jordan’s capital, Amman, these two cities offer travelers a great opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds. On one side, you have luxurious hotels and resorts; on the other, you have the world-famous Wadi Dhar oases. Both of these destinations offer tourists a chance to enjoy pristine oases, natural beauty, and tranquility. One of the most popular attractions of Madaba, a city of majestic palm trees, is the Wadi Dhar oasis. Here, you will find Wadi Dhar, a village that dates back to biblical times and where, even today, people still gather for gossip and storytelling. The tranquil oasis provides a playground for families to picnic and spend some quality time together.

The Roman Amphitheater: The ancient, amphitheater-like Roman amphitheater is the biggest attraction of Jordan’s capital city Amman. The arena was built during the first century CE and still stands to this day as a significant archaeological site. Tourists are invited to tour this historic monument and learn about the history of the city and its religious practices. The adjacent Jordan Sea gives ample opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. Other attractions in this area include the Sheikh Zayed mosque, King Faisal mosque, Al-Azhar Mosque, Islamic bookstore, King Faisal Museum, and the Al-Arabi Center.

King Abdullah’s mosque: The king’s mosque stands on the site where an ancient Roman temple was once located. This architectural wonder is the largest example of rRomanbuilding in Jordan and was designed by the best architects of the Roman period. Located on King Abdullah’s estate, visitors can take in the fascinating exhibits inside and outside the museum. The Jordan museum features numerous art works, including a bust of Queen Cleopatra that once graced the gates of her Roman home.