Getting a Jordan Visa

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A Jordan Visa is an official document issued to non-Syrian internationals entering Jordan for various purposes. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes the matters relating to the issue of Jordan visa on behalf of the King of Jordan. The procedure of obtaining a visa for tourist purpose is same as that of issuing a passport. The consular officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are in touch with their colleagues in the Ministry of Passport and Visa Department and act accordingly. A valid passport should be present when applying for the visa.

The authorized visa authorities of the Kingdom of Jordan issue a visa upon presentation of a valid passport and the necessary documents for immigration and clearance. The period of validity of the visa is six months from the date of issue or the last day of the same month of the tourist if coming for tourist purpose otherwise for business purpose. Visa is usually issued for a period of up to three months. Hence, a valid passport must be available while applying for the visa for up to 3 months.

A valid passport must be submitted along with relevant documents like passport photo, proof of residence, registration card, and exit and entry stamps etc. Within a period of six months from the issue of the visa on the basis of the passport of the holder may renew the visa, which is valid for another six months from the issue of a passport, or may apply for an extension of the validity of the visa. An extension can be made for up to three months from the issue of a passport for purposes of travel. The process of application and the validation of passport shall be completed within a period of six months from the issue of the passport or within a period of six months from the time of application if the visa has been approved on the basis of passport.

The process of collecting visa from the competent authorities of the foreign country and collecting the passport from the designated authority of the foreign country is called electronic collection. If a passport is required urgently, it should be mailed to the concerned authority and a request for immediate processing should be sent via email or fax. If the passport is mailed to the concerned authority, the passport will be dispatched to the concerned embassy as soon as possible after the approval of the passport. The embassy will take care of collecting the passport, processing the request for the visa and returning the passport to the applicant within a period of six weeks. If the passport is not returned within a period of six weeks, the applicant may approach the embassy for an alternative procedure for obtaining the Jordan visa.

The requirements of the passport must be fulfilled as per the procedure laid down by the foreign ministry. For business visa application requirements, there are certain details to be filled in the application form. Details such as the proposed employer and the proposed office must be specified. The details of the proposed income and the proposed business activities must also be mentioned. The applicant must also provide details of residence and work permit number in the Jordan visa application form.

Before the foreign national can proceed with the Jordan visa procedure, he/she must contact the designated officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for the Jordan visa. The consular officials will provide necessary information on how to go about the Jordan visa application process. There are certain agencies that assist foreign nationals in the visa procedure and they will ensure that all the formalities are completed in a smooth manner. These agencies also conduct the language test of the foreign national. The Jordan visa approval is obtained after the foreign national applies for a visa and submits all the necessary documents for the same. The visa is approved once the required documents are submitted along with the fee specified in the schedule.