Amman, Jordan

Posted by Daniel Stewart

Amman, the second largest city of Jordan, is an ancient, medieval city with a number of ancient ruins. Atop Jabal al-Qala designated as one of the World Heritage sites in the world, the ancient Citadel features the pillars of the ancient Roman Temple of Hercules. Built on another beautiful downtown hilltop, the Roman Theater, a six thousand-seat, 2nd-generation stone amphitheater, also offers occasional performances by local bands and orchestra. A short drive from Amman is Marrakech, another major tourism center, where you can stay in one of many traditional hotels.

For authentic Jordan entertainment, head out to the desert and take a camel ride. A short distance from Amman is the Sahara desert and oases filled with water and life. After experiencing this, head to Karakoram to witness the stunning sunset. While here, don’t miss out on one of the major attractions: the seven hills of Karakoram, which is the tallest mountain range in all of Asia. At the higher elevations, you can still see the plain at dawn on a clear day.

For some other things to do in Jordan, head to Dead Sea, which is located along the coast on Jordan’s northern coast. It is believed that Jordan was created through a massive volcanic eruption that occurred about two million years ago. The Dead Sea possesses more than one quarter of the Earth’s sodium chloride. It is also rich in a variety of minerals such as sulfur, magnesium, zinc, copper, tin, manganese, and phosphorus. The Dead Sea is definitely one of the best places in the world to receive an easy-image-collage in Jordan.

Besides visiting the Dead Sea, there are many other Jordan touristic attractions that you should not miss. If you want to spend time in Jerash, make sure you visit the Jaffe Center, where you will get to enjoy classical Jewish musical performances. Other great things to do in Jerash are: drinking coffee from paper cups and using matzo in the Jordan valley.

You can visit the Jordan tower hostel before you head to Amman. The Jordan tower hostel is definitely a great way to spend your holiday in Jordan. This touristic attraction offers Jordan’s most unique experience of nature: climbing to the top of the Jordan hills. The Jordan Tower hostel is not accessible to visitors during the day; however, during the night, it is possible to hire a guide from the Jordan Tower hostel who will lead you throughout Jordan. The guide will take you through all of the best tourist spots in Jordan and will take you to the Dead Sea.

If you are coming during the winter, it is possible to visit the Jordan Tower in its entirety. The Jordan Tower hostel will offer you excellent Jordan tours and will show you some of Jordan’s archaeological finds dating back more than a thousand years. In addition to visiting the Jordan Tower hostel, you will also find other interesting things to do in Amman, such as visiting the donkey sanctuary and the royal palace. The donkey sanctuary is a great place to learn about how Jordanians live, while at the royal palace, you can get to learn about the different royal families that once lived in Amman. For a great way to spend a week, or a whole 10 days, in Jordan, consider booking one of the luxury Jordan tours that will take you around Jordan.