A Trip to Irbid

Posted by Daniel Stewart

Top places to visit in Irbid are Jordan’s largest and most beautiful cities. The capital, Amman, is also an interesting site; many ancient Roman ruins can be seen there. The towns of Souq Al-Karaouine and Madaba are the best place for shopping, with many high-end boutiques. Souq Al-Karaouine boasts the biggest shopping mall in Jordan, while Madaba’s souk is considered one of the largest in the Middle East.

Irbid, located on the banks of the River Jordan in northern Jordan, is a beautiful city. In a mid-nineteenth-century Ottoman palace, the Dar Al-Saraya Museum chronicles the history of the city through authentically excavated artifacts including ceramics and exquisite stonework. Yarmouk University’s Museum of Jordanian Art also displays a wonderful collection of antique paintings, as well as a traditional home, once owned by the poet, Arar. A traditional home in Amman, once a thriving village and center for commerce, farming and banking, Madaba is the largest city in Jordan. It is full of historical buildings and fine dining. The Palm Restaurant, one of the best restaurants in Amman, boasts five restaurants on its three floors.

As Jordan becomes a more developed tourist destination, more visitors are deciding to include Jordan in their holiday destinations. The best places to visit in Jordan are its beautiful beaches and beautiful Jordan Valley. Jordan is also rich in natural beauty with the Jordan River, mountains, fertile plains and forests. This combination of landscape and culture creates a perfect holiday retreat or vacation home for retirees. Bedouin Jordan, which is located in the southwest by Jordan, along the Jordan River and in the centre of the Dead Sea, is one of the most desirable places to live for Jordanians.

Tourist places in Irbid continue to draw tourists from all over the world. Irbid’s main airport is King Faisal International Airport. The city of Petra, which is the capital of Jordan, is an excellent place for touring and holidaying. Other popular Jordan tourist places include Amman, Javea, Tartus and Taplina.

Some of the top jordan tourist attractions include Javea, Petra, The Dead Sea, Mount Hermon, Ras Tanit, Nahla and Abu Laytham. All these places offer various activities and sightseeing opportunities, thus making them ideal options for a Jordan holiday. While visiting these places, one will get to see ancient architecture, see wildlife, enjoy water sports, have an adventurous ride on a donkey or take part in a camel safari. Jordan is also known for its beaches and Jordan is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world as it has white sandy beaches.

Tourists can experience the real Jordan by paying a visit to its capital, Amman. The city, which is famous for its ancient heritage and for its hospitality, attracts hundreds of Jordanians every year. It is one of the major attractions of the middle east. Apart from tourism, Amman is also well known for its shopping centers and souqs. Other popular Jordan tourist attractions include Camel Safari, Um Qeis, Janniar Gorge, Mt. Abu, Petra, The Dead Sea and the Palestinian National Parks.